• Vanessa Mae
    Embrasse Moi, Happy Valley, Happy Valley (Translation), I Feel Love, Im a Doun for Lack OJohnnie, Im a Doun for Lack OJohnnie translation, Velvet Rope, Destiny,...
  • Vanessa Marquez
    Lost Without U
  • Vanessa Paradis
    As tears go by, Bliss, Im Waiting For The Man, La La La Song, Leau Et Le Vin, Les cactus, Paradis, Walk on the wild side, Be My Baby, Chat Ananas, Coupe Coupe, ...
  • Vanessa Rangel
    Leve-Me Daqui, Palpite
  • Vanessa Rose
    Almost Over, Call It A Story, Let Go, Places, The Girls Who Play The Boys, Three Sunsets, Time Is Running
  • Vanessa Rubin
    All For One, Close Enough For Love, Livin' Without A Heart
  • Vanessa S
    Blah Blah Blah, I Ain't No Saint
  • Vanessa Tuna
    Be Your Lover, Goodbye, It Feels Alright
  • Vanessa Van Basten
    La Stanza Di Swedenborg
  • Vanessa Williams
    Colours Of The Wind, Do you hear what I hear, For The Love Of You, Hark The Herald Angels Sing (Shout), Heartquake!, How The Years Go By, Joy To The World, Merr...
  • Vanessa Williams (With Brian McKnight)
    Love Is
  • Vangelis
    A SONG, Albedo 0 39, Ask The Mountains, Blade Runner Main Titles, DEBORAH, Good To See You, He - O, He O, HE-O, Hymne, I Cant Take It Any More, I Cant Take It A...
  • Vangough
    Christmas Scars, Disorder Quotient, Estranger, Etude Of Sorrow, Gabrielle, Handful Of Dreams, Manikin Parade, One Dark Birthday, Paradise For The Lost, The Cosm...
  • Vania Fernandes
    Senhora Do Mar
  • Vanilla Fudge
    You Keep Me Hangin On, You Keep Me Hanging On, The Look Of Love, Season Of The Witch, People Get Ready, Shotgun, Ticket To Ride
  • Vanilla Ice
    Cool As Ice Everybody Get Loose, Dancin Dancin Dancin, Get Wit It, I Love You, Iceman Party, Life Is A Fantasy, Minutes Of Power, Never Wanna Be With You, Rosta...
  • Vanilla Lucy
    French Love
  • Vanilla Luv
  • Vanilla Ninja
    Ballroom Blitz, Tough Enough, Club Kung Fu, Crazy, Guitar And Old Blue Jeans, Inner Radio, Like A Rockstar, Outcast, Polluter, Psycho, Spit It Out, Tough Enough...
  • Vanilla Sky
    Umbrella, A Thousand Miles, Break It Out, Devastante, Se Vuoi Andare, 70 Miles Far Away, Broken Car, Cut Away, Distance, Distance Pt2, Fake Season, Goodbye, Got...
  • Vanishing Point
    A Memory, Blind, Bring On The Rain, Closer Apart, Dancing With The Devil, Drem Maker, Father, Forgotten Self, I Will Awake, In Company Of Darkness, Inner Peace,...
  • Vanitas
    Relatives Freisein, Pendelschwung, Atem Toene Fluestern Schreien, Wenn Schritte Veraendern, Das Leben Ein Traum, Abschied, Absurde Existenz, Daimonion, Das Wort...
  • Vanity
    If A Girl Answers Hang Up, Nasty Girl, Under The Influence, Nasty Girl (2000 Remix)
  • Vanity Fare
    Early In The Morning, Hitchin' A Ride, The Night Chicago Died, (I Remember) Summer Morning
  • Vanity Project
    By The Roadside, Wilted Rose
  • Vanity Theft
    Edit Edit Edit, In Retrospect, Limb From Limb, Multiply Divide, My Cup Runneth Over, Professional Hands, Textbook Answer, Trainwreck, Who You Say You Are, Anato...
  • Vanna
    Safe To Say, A Dead Language For A Dying Lady, We Ate The Horse You Rode In On, I Am The Wind, You Are The Feather, The Search Party Never Came, Country BoysGo...
  • Vanna Bonta
    A Cabos Carol, Cosmic Country, Girl Of The Month Club, Home Is You, It's You You're Looking For, I Saw Her Tears, No No No, What Goes Up
  • Vanna Vanna
    So Much In Love
  • Vanness Wu
    Lucky Me, Ni Bu Ai Wo Ai Shui, Wo Bu Shi Zi Ji, Wo De Wang Guo, Zi Ji De Jie Zou
  • Vapnet
    Bangårdsgatan, Brunflovägen, Färjemansleden, Ge Dom Våld, Håll Ihop, Inga Fåglar, Kalla Mig, Mera Om Varandra, Prästgatan, Rådhusgatan, Seymour, Storgatan, Stug...
  • Vappa
    Capolinea, Monica
  • Vaquero
    All Day Dreamer, Tell Me How You End The Story
  • Varathron
    Beyond The Grave, Birthrise of the Graven Image, Dawn of Sordid Decay, Fire Spell / Forbidden Lust, Flowers of My Youth, Genesis of Apocryphal Desire, La Reine ...
  • Varcella
    Curtains, Lost Coz, Six Letter Lie
  • Varg
    Alter Feind, Asatru, Blutaar, Blutdienst, Blutdienst Ii, Das Alte Feuer, Donareiche, Heldentod, Invictus, Schlachtgebet, Seele, Sieg Oder Niedergang, Skål, Viel...
  • Vargo
    The Moment
  • Various
    Its Raining Men, A Boat on the Sea, A Girl Worth Fighting For, A Star is Born, A World Without Love, All Mixed Up, Another Sad Song, Argument, Aves De Noche, Ba...
  • Various Artist
    Jack's Lament, Jack's Obsession, Kidnap Sandy Claws, Making Christmas, Oogie Boogie's Song, Opening, Poor Jack, Sally's Song, This Is Halloween, Town Meeting So...
  • Various Artists
    Hanging By A Moment, (hed) pe - Serpent Boy, (You Drive Me) Crazy, 1 Crush, A Boat On The Sea, A Cinema In Buenos Aires 26 July 1952, A Few Good Men, A Little B...
  • Various Artists & Various Artists
    Your Mama Don't Dance, San Francisco, Mack The Knife, That Lady, 25 Or 6 To 4, Blue Velvet, Carrie-Anne, Don't You Care, Down In The Boondocks, Evil Ways, I Can...
  • Various Artists - Metallic Attack
    Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters
  • Various Artists - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Different Stars
  • Various Cruelties
    Great Unknown
  • Various Opm Artist
    Biyahe Tayo
  • Varius Manx
    Bez, Bored To Tears, Czy To Jeszcze Jestem Ja, Orla Cien, Wolne Ptaki, Wstyd, Zamigotal Swiat, Zwierciadlo Zycia, A Prisoner, Brak Slw, Dom Gdzies Blisko Mnie, ...
  • Varnagel
    Trall Punkt Nu, Svea Rike Ab, Stjäl Från Dom Rika, Stenar Mot Pansarvagnar, Arne, Bbq, Biljett Till Helvetet, Blixtar, Dimma, Drömyrket, Egoproletär, Frihetsbra...
  • Varsity Blues Soundtrack
    Horror Show, My Hero, Run, Ship Jumper
  • Varsity Fanclub
    Future Love, Baby Steps, Like I Always Do, Bad Habit, What I Really Want To Say, Complicated Girl, Flash Flash, Ghost, Half Of You, It's Christmas Again, Let He...
  • Värttinä
    Marilaulu, Ruskie Neitsyt, Seelinnikoi, Milja, Aamu, Aitara, Emoton, Itkin, Kannunkaataja, Kapee, Katariina, Kiiriminna, Kivutar, Kokko, Kylän Kävijä, Laiksa, L...
  • Vas
    Feast Of Silence, The Reaper And The Flowers, Inamorala
  • Vasaria
    Abduction, Adversary, Corpse By Day, Cradle To Grave, Dying Angel, Edge Of Supremacy, Faith Renounced, Luna, Most Precious Blood, Predestined Horror, Raven Sky,...
  • Vasco Era
  • Vasco Rossi
    Rewind, Tu Vuio Da Me Cosa Ti Serve, Va Bene Va Bene Cos, Valium, Vivere, Senorita, 15 Anni Fa, Ad Ogni Costo, Ambarabaciccicoccò, Amore, Asilo, Basta Poco, Ben...
  • Vashawn Mitchell
    SOS, Nobody Greater, Encouragement
  • Vashti Bunyan
    Train Song, Against The Sky, 17 Pink Sugar Elephants, Glow Worms, Iris's Song For Us, Autumn Leaves, Come Wind Come Rain, Diamond Day, Don't Believe, Find My He...
  • Vassago
    Abysmic Downfall, Abysmic Downfall To The Kingdom Where I Will Rule Eternally, Agent 666, Anal Fistfuck, Blood Of Christ, Cleansing, Destroyer, Godforsaken, Sat...
  • Vassendgutane
    Det E Helg, Granada, Hei Reidar, Hjortejakt, I Ei 60 Sone, Odelsguten, Ungkar Med Dobbelseng
  • Vassy
  • VAST
    A Better Place, All I Found Was You, Be With Me, Blue, Candle, Desert Garden, Dirty Hole, Ecstacy, Falling From The Sky, Flames, Free, Here, I Need To Say Goodb...
  • Vast Aire
    Slow Blues, Pegasus, Take Two, the crush, Graveyard Shift, Intro: His Majesty's Laughter, 9 Lashes, Cholestorol, I Don't Care
  • Vatreni Poljubac
    Stipu Gatibo, Tike Tike Tacke
  • Vaughan Brors
    D/fw, Good Texan, Hard to Be, Long Way from Home, Telephone Song, Tick Tock, White Boots
  • Vaughan Mason & Crew
    Bounce, Rock, Shake, Roll
  • Vaughan Penn
    Brokenhearted, Come Clean, Forgiveness, Hey You, I Miss You, If You Could See, More Than Meets The Eyes, The Deeper I Fall, Words In My Mouth, Almost Perfect, A...
  • Vaughn Monroe
    Ballerina, Black Denim Trousers, Dont Go To Strangers, In The Middle Of The House, Let It Snow, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!, Lets Get Lost, Mule Trai...
  • Vaughn Penn
    Brokenhearted, Come Clean, Forgiveness, Hey You, If You Could See, I Miss You, More Than Meets The Eyes, The Deeper I Fall, Words In My Mouth
  • Vaux
    At Your Will, Broke The Brakes, Do It For Sixty, Everyday, Fame, Four Cornered Lives, On Love And Cars, Paint It Red, Ride Out Bitch, Set It To Blow, Shot In Th...
  • Vaya Con Dios
    At the Parallel, Bold and Untrue, Brave Jane, Far Gone Now, Far Gone Now , Farewell Song, For You, Forever Blue, Heading for a Fall, Just a Friend of Mine, Lay ...
  • Vayden
    The One You Left Behind
  • Vazelina Bilopphggers
    Bomull I Ra, Fr Eau De Cologne Tel Eau De Vie, Frotthndkle, Hjelp Meg Ragna, Lle Har En Tremenning P GjVik, Spikre Paller
  • Vazelina Bilopphøggers
    Bomull I øra, Bruspulverguttene, Feil Si'E Ta MjøSa, Frottéhåndkle, Frå Eau De Cologne Tel Eau De Vie, GjøVik, Hjelp Meg Ragna, Hjelp Meg Ragna (Help Me Rhonda)...
  • Vazquez Sounds
    Forget You
  • Veara
    Getting Kicked In The Face Has Never Been So Much Fun, My B-Side Life, Pull Your Own Weight, Role Model, Waste My Time, We Have A Body Count, Everything To Lose
  • Vectom
    Black Viper, Damned Love, Day Of Execution, In Nomine Satanas, Loudness And Speed, Open The Coffin, Satan's Colours, Speed Revolution, The Exterminator, Too Fas...
  • Ved Buens Ende
    Autumn Leaves, A Mask In The Mirror, Carrier Of Wounds, Coiled In Wings, Den Saakaldte, It's Magic, I Sang For The Swans, Remembrance Of Things Past, The Plunde...
  • Ved Buens Ende...
    Autumn Leaves, Carrier Of Wounds, Coiled In Wings, Den Skaldte, The Plunderer, To Swarm Deserted Away, A Mask In The Mirror, Den S?kaldte, Den S?kaldte, I Sang ...
  • Veda
    Desire On Repeat, In The Quiet, It's All Happening On Broadway, Lover's Lie, Moments Rewound, Redemption Soon, Safe, Song For A Friend, Song Four, Side Two, St...
  • Veda Brown
    Private Number
  • Vedera
    A World Apart, Back To The Middle, Even I, Goodbye My Love, Greater Than, Loving Ghosts, Satisfy, The Falling Kind, The Rain
  • Vedonist
    Anhedonia Society, Anus Mundi, Apprehensive Respect, Bad Dreams, Break The Disembodied Altar, Dead Chimneys Monument, Dehumanized, Host Of Human Desires, Into T...
  • Vega
    Stunde F?r Stunde, La Verdad, Mijitita, Olor A Azahar, Dieselbe Sonne, Ich Chille, Treinta y Tantos
  • Vega 4
    30000 Dreams, Better Life, Burn & Fade, Drifting Away Violently, Hallelujah, Hearing Voices, Love Breaks Down, Our Today, Radio Song, Revolution, Satellite, Sho...
  • Vega 87
    Chi Non Sogna, Il Cielo Delle 4:22, Lontana Da Me
  • Vega4
    A Billion Tons Of Light, Boomerang, Bullets, Let Go, Papercuts, Tearing Me Apart, Traffic Jam, You And Me
  • Vegastar
    100eme Etage, 5h Dans Ta Peau, Mode arcade, Mon repaire, Elle blesse
  • Vegetable G
    Dreamkeeper, Holograms, The Cox Man
  • Veggie Tales
    Good Morning, George, The Song Of The Cebu, Barbra Manatee, Bellybutton, Billy Joe Mcguffery, Billy Joe Mcguffrey, Busy, Busy, Dance Of The Cucumber, Do The M...
  • Veggietales
    Dance Of The Cucumber, Fear Not Daniel, God Is Bigger, King Darius Suite, Love My Lips, Oh No What We Gonna Do, Oh Santa, Song Of The Cebu, The Haibrush Song, T...
  • Vehemence
    By Your Bedside, Christ, I Fucking Hate You!, Darkness Is Comfort, Devour The Rotten Flesh, Fantasy From Pain, God Was Created, Her Beautiful Eyes, I Must Not ...
  • Vei Verri
    Hasta El Fin
  • Veil Of Maya
    All Eyes Look Ahead, Crawl Back, Entry Level Exit Wounds, It's Not Safe To Swim Today, It's Torn Away, Mark The Lines, Sever The Voices, Unbreakable, We Bow In ...
  • Veil Of Sorrow
    Disconnected, In The Midnight Hour, Remnants Of A Dying Sun, Scars, Shades Of Grey, Silent Fall, Soulcaptive, The Dark Within, Well Of Broken Wishes, Words Mean...
  • Vektor
    Asteroid, Black Future, Dark Nebula, Deoxyribonucleic Acid, Destroying The Cosmos, Forests Of Legend, Hunger For Violence, Oblivion, Accelerating Universe
  • Velcra
    My Law, Not Against Me, Removed, Shine For Me, Solar Red, Tension, Alive, Alive (Live), Big Brother, Can't Stop Fighting, Made To Fail, Test Animals, Water Is G...
  • Velcro
  • Veldhuis & Kemper
    Ik Wou Dat Ik Jou Was
  • Veldhuis en Kemper
    Bijzonder, Contrast, Ik Wou Dat Ik Jou Was, Kleine Dingen, Laat Mij Mezelf, Neem Maar Mee, Omgekeerd, Oud Geboren, Talent, Te Blond, Trut, Wie Was Je, Zo Voelt ...
  • Veles
    Black Hateful Metal, Millennium Of Disgrace, The Dawn Of The New Empire, A Dark Dream, Born Of Darkness, My Bloodthirst, My Pagan Fatherland
  • Velhas Virgens
    Siririca Baby, Toda Puta Mora Longe, Marcha Do Tira A Roupa, Uns Drinks, Cerveja Na Veia, Abre Essas Pernas, Bêbado, Rouco E Louco, Beijos De Corpo, Blues A Pe...