Bump That (Bump,Bump,Bump Remix)


This is for the hunniez up in the club (say what)
Do me a favor show me some luv
And for the thugs off in the whips (said come)
Do me a favor bump this remix

Get your hands in the air when we Bump That
Just take it to the head girl Bump That
Shorty actin all good girl Bump That
DJ got the single man Bump That
Rollin on 24's when we Bump That
Got the wrist on froze girl Bump That
Plenty Air Force One's I can Bump That
Step in the club like come on know i can Bump That

You and me behind doors (Bump That)
Let me see your body roll (Bump That)
You got the club on swole (Bump That)
Booty jumpin like a toad (Bump That)

Look at shorty over there can you Bump That
Yeah homie best believe i can Bump That
Just show me where the club and the Bump at
And I'll have her sayin please daddy Bump That

[Fizz rap:]

He said she said Fizz so cool
Everytime I see him I lose my cool
Fizz can you take that shirt off dude
I'm like naw that ain't cool
Freak two girls then I'm off to the next
The one in Minolo's she's the best
The one in Gucci she can be a pest
I like the ones on the East but i love the West


Remix so hot gotta Bump That
Guys sayin it's like what Bump That
Well maybe hit it in the (whoo)! I can Bump That
I wanna hear you say ooh O Bump That
You wanna take it to the door i can Bump That
Stepping from the half i can Bump That
Said put your money where your mouth nigga Bump That
Suitcase full of cash I can Bump That

I'm with my girl Shonte' (Bump That)
Up in the Escalade (Bump That)
Cuz she know I'm paid (Bump That)
With B2K (Bump That) -a

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