Guilty As Hell

Step back and look at you, and tell me that is what you want to be,
You realise that what you're seeing, is a replica of me
Inside my world is pretty grim, that even I can't survive in,
I wouldn't try 'cause I know you

Deep inside you know you're guilty as Hell
Deep inside you know you're guilty as Hell

You realise that what you're seeing is just a replica of me,
Only me

Oh it makes no difference if you're the only one,
It doesn't matter when all is said and done,
Gonna feel the same, God will put the blame on you
Oh yeah

If I was you, If I was you,
I'd wanna see, I'd wanna see inside my head,
I'd wanna know if I was fuckin dead,
I'd wanna know what's going on,
Someone tell me the truth

There's no fear in a fallen Angel, there's no love in a heart made of stone,
There's no truth in a heart that is screaming,
Deep inside you're as guilty as Hell

You're guilty

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