Where Are We Going

One day i leaned my head back
looked at the stars, so many of them
i asked if there was
an answer for me
i dared to ask if there was
an answer for me
or if i would always wonder
about it all

then i was only seventeen, grew up wondering
what was above us, in between
what it meant to me
now, i'm a bit older, still have the same questions
about humanity and where
where we're going

one day i switched on the tv started wondering
what there was above us, in between
w hat we all meant to it
i switched it off
left the house ran far but still found the same questions
about fraternity and where
where we're going

and then sometimes a human disaster makes you stop
what's above us, what's in between
what our lives mean to it

and then we find it deep within ourselves
the strength to love and really care
such a shame it's always too late we all know
where we're going
where we're going

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