Quasi Putrefaction

Seasons cycles, though the I'll winds
Bitingly strong, Seediq spirit diminish not
Ever changing colors of invaders
Affects not the permanent gloom
Of souls manifesting on mountain peaks
The Bridge waits, native eternality beyond
Mountain zephyrs rides into the forest
A hunting pipe heard over burbling springs
Reminding of ancient warnings puissant
The roar of Warrior-God Rudao Mona
Blizzard winds howl, cycles pass, winters cold,
Death cools not the fervent Seediq passion
Ever changing colors of foreign flags
Affects not the whitened evergreen trees
Souls twine with falling leaf petals
Carpets Ancestors' bridge in preparation
Mahe cliffs towers thousand-height high,
Resting place of Rudao Mona
Mehogem balau dolax Siaw Tengaw ni
Ana Mehogeni heya Ena mueh haya ga Utux na
Musa SgrLum Babaw xkoni Eni SubuLaw ga hey na
Sbanai na yama Seleuda Anam yama cibaw

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