Summon Of China

In the battle of mother isle, sina gods were defeated to retreat the sino headquaters raged intensly, decided to avenge

After attack of the isle, sina gods fell into inferno
The remains gods gathered in the god's hall, showed the divine power
Summoned sina gods in frontiers, returned to the middle land
G glulin, sina gods of outside hurry back to the middle land

Sina gods in occupied lands were summoned to rushed back
Sina battalion gave order to put armies in battle array

The remains sina gods gathered and paraded
Built the altar, ordered by divine power, summoned the dead [Taiwanese part]

Sanlong, the master of chaos, rose with anger, blood pulsed strongly, body moved with illusions, he made the wind blew violently
Before the altar, he screamed and waved his hands, air began to whirl
Divine power flowed from sky, his soul flew out of his body"Build the altar, lead the mortal soul back reverse the universe, make the dead gods rising,
Burn the holy incense, let my soul to inferno
All dead sina gods, follow my soul for reviving

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