Casualty Vampire

The architect of murder gets start billing
Yet another victim another staying
Silence, flashing lights, police line - Do not cross
Blood on the sidewalk, your aunt's on the scene
Hide close to corners cuz I heard someone say
This poor sucker's AAAAAAAA!
Casuality vampires, thirsty for blood
Casuality vampires, The river of
Casuality vampires
Surround the TV, waiting for the last report
Of casualties
Jet crash, news cast, devil's of disaster
How many were lost
Casuality vampires, see nothing but red
Casuality vampires, it's in all of our heads
Stop to watch, standing still
Yet another carcass lying there
Earthquake, bomb blast, domestic brawl
What does it matter? How long is this flood
Casuality vampires, ride along the freeway
Casuality vampires, screamin' for necks
Casuality vampires, laugh like
Causality vampires, look at all the rats

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