Livin' in Da City

[Chorus: Butch Cassidy]

We been mashin on the scene, off of green
All you other niggaz talkin the shit
But you really ain't doin a thing
Always stayin on my toes, all them hoes
We keep it pimpin, ain't no time to be steppin
So get my money girl, you know how it goes


Uhh, yeah, yeah
Aiyyo I'm about to wreck your body, they said 'Turn the party out'
Me and G about to burn them Harleys out
Anything goes to get that cream, playa
Bottles up just to get that lean
Niggaz try to get in my team and my cream
I'm the doctor, I give shots like vaccines
They said I couldn't do it, but I show 'em somethin different
I'm odd, never catch me without my gangsta equipment
Two rap shits and mafia tactics
I cook coke, make you snap back like elastic shit
and keep a lean esteem, the kickstand
All-star five, no need for a sixth man
I got chips, man the change for the quicksand
War in the mix and the home of Tha Liks man
I don't discriminate, my niggaz get rid of weight
Even hoes get it - competition disintegrate



Yeah, uhh
Criminal minded, you've been blinded
Lookin for a style like mine, you can't find it
You know a nigga gotta get that cheese
on the West side with Chuck Taylor's and khakis
East side Airforce One's and white tees
We right, you never seen no boys like these
We murdered it anyway, cut balls off
Y'all don't wanna get with them shots from the sawed-off
Y'all get one hit then y'all fall off
We so sick we spit bars 'til we cough
We don't tell stories, we live 'em
We don't, take strokes fucka, we give 'em
With a crossover single like I'm bilingual
Who you think you gon' see, at the awards?
Cause I bring more drama than all three of them broads
You sicker than me? You sound sick!


[Q Pacino]

Open up the do', and let them boys in
They from the streets, they here to bring the noise in
But don't let 'em know, they hustle in that poison
That's how it goes, when we're livin in the city

[Chorus] - 2X

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