Baby U Rescued Me

O God Almighty, how could I even sleep?
With the night so young I'd have to struggle just to dream
If we held our breath would it change anything at all?
But I keep turning away, I keep turning away,
until my back's up against a wall

Baby, you rescued me

Lets pretend that the world is all ours
Oh wait it really is let's get it straight, uh oh

Baby, you rescued me!
Oh, Oh, now I'd really like to stay
But I'd rather dance away with you, do do do

Why don't you look as far as you can see?
Tell me who can use their eyes, always wrestling on their knees
To live just to tell, is it worth anything at all?
But I keep doing it, yeah, I'll keep doing it,
until my backs up against the wall

Baby, you rescued me!

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