"Yeah, yeah, wassup, this is Jordan I'm not at the crib right now But if you leave your name and number, I might back the square and page you 888-555-2620 Wanna get the hit? I'll hit you Bring it live!"

Friday, 1:09PM
"Hey Jordan, it's Diana I just got back from the mall I was waiting for you but I guess something must have come up, becuz you weren't there Um, I'm going to be at rehersal at 8 o'clock tonight so if you can please try to call me before then cuz I would like to talk to you, 'em k? Bye"

Friday, 5:13PM
"Hey Jordan, it's Melissa Um, we were supposed to go to the beach together today, but um, you didn't show up so um, I guess you had something better to do, but whatever Um, give me a call sometime before 8 becuz I wanna be at the studio so, yeah, just give me a call cuz I would like to talk to you, so um, yeah Bye"

Friday, 6:21PM
"Hi Jordan, it's Holly Um, I guess you didn't call me or anything cuz I was sitting at home all day waiting for you, but um, maybe something came up or something Just give me a call when you get this I have to go to the studio at 8 so maybe you could call me before I go, and then I'll get to talk to you So, I'll talk to you later, ok? Bye"

Friday, 8:27PM
"Hey Jordan, this is Ashley So what's up with you? You think your playin' me today or what? And the rest of my girls? No, I don't think so You know what, we're at the studio right now I don't know what makes you think you can play all of us, but it ain't gonna happen So, see ya!"

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