Dreamscapes Of The Perverse: World Of Malice Song Lyrics

World Of Malice

The illusion that was force fed into our minds
Dead dreams of virtue set into our souls
We consume nightmares
Fashioned by our leaders
We spit our hatred in their faces!
Melt the chains of tolerance
Forget obediance
Rebel against the master
Never to repent again
Set free the fury deep within
Apocalypse awake
Oppression has no hold on us now
The ebony flame of anger
Burns forever black
In this final hour we wage war
May the universe be silent forevermore!

As space and time begin to shatter
That's when we will attack
The doctrine has been written
There is no turning back
Morality has been broken
No room for purity
We scorch the earth to commit the final blasphemy

Darkness falls
And the ivory structures crumble
Nothing but desolation
For the future of this place
The white beacon of hope
Has been shattered
Existence shifts
And we will walk our own path

Death is not my enemy
I embrace him as my brother
My home my comfort
My home is oblivion

Taking back what is ours
Creating demise
To create a future
For a World Of Malice

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