Yank Crime

Lyrics to Drive Like Jehu's "Yank Crime" - By Rick Froberg
Transcribed by Mark
Here Come The Rome Plows
sad to say its over now, here come the huns - pick a side, or pick a spot -
here come, here come the rome plows why waste - your time - here come the
huns - be my date tonight here come, here come the rome plows - cal state - no
fun - stay put - here comes - to clean the slate - to pass the time - to erase
- yank crime - yeah we're on - the recieving end - i never been - dear heart,
dear friend - i never been on - the recieving end - not a scratch, not a dent -
i never been on - the recieving end, i never been
Do You Compute
do you compute - i think you do - don't need it proven, don't wanna listen,
don't need a tour of the pieces i'm missing, as if you were put here to
straighten us out, and everything you said was being written down - you weren't
and it isn't and nobody's listening, and nobody gives a fuck what you go do
with your life
Golden Brown
i got a shingle and i'll guard it with my life, i'm just keeping off the flies
- yeah i drank from the tap - shoulda left it in the pipes this is my cause
and my excuse - i'll take the loss but i'll get what i got due yeah i ain't
burnt - just golden brown
failures in outer space, failures and crimes, lets get something straight:
s'not for mine before you were born, after you die, failures in outer space,
failures and crimes, it's depth - whatever its worth - it's in the unit to
measure the curse - it's in the set-up yeah it's built in, whatever the get up
- yeah it's buit in - wait til the rubout - wait til the purge - wipe the last
haole the fuck off our turf - aloha! aloha! suit up! luau! luau! luau! luau! -
kill off the tourist and we'll all sleep sound - cash-in their fillings & blow
it in town - we'll blow it on rifles, we'll blow it on drinks, head in the
corner, head in the sink
Super Unison
ready ready to let you in up with the mob it ain't no accident we're better
off you're set to inherit what i got you're putty now in my hands you're
bloody now in my hands yeah keep the herd in check or be absorbed thats
all yeah that'll happen next and who'll be there to write you off bla bla
New Math
yeah i'd stoop to that sure i would yeah you been had that's how i got my
job at the underwriter's lab you bet i sucked up everychance i had that's
how i fixed it that's what i did and now my knees are spotless and my legs
are crossed and i needn't spread them cause i can afford: piety, chastity,
charity, your company
Human Interest
you set it up, you set it right, it's fair enough al'right: if i want a
loan, if i wanna trespass why should i walk when you've got wheels when i'm
in doubt, when i'm in debt, when i'm in deep at your expense then i owe you
i owe you i owe i'd never make you suffer, i know that wouldn't do, and
that ain't practical, and i ain't through when what i got needs fixing, when i
want something new, i know i'm covered with you your're my human interest
found yourself an asshole, find yourself the door ain't gonna fix your leaks
for you ain't gonna watch the store every last string and gut pulled apart
and divvied up / my share / trash man / etc found yourself an asshole, knew
you could afford keep your handouts - cup cake - find yourself the door

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