Mr Mud

She's a weed eater
He's a bottom feeder
The things that she says
Makes him want to beat her and beat her

He's a (?)
She's a dead leg
All the dope that she smokes
Makes her bark like a dog

Oh Mr Mud, what have you done now
Oh Mr Mud, now what have you done
Oh Mr Mud, what have you done
Oh Mr Mud, you sure are a lot of fun

He's a mud dweller
She's an underwear seller
The mud gotten so thick
That he can't even tell her

His life goes all wrong
And she's in love with the bong
When Mr Mud comes to town
All the creeps tag along

Mr Mud, Mr Mud
Mr Mud, Mr Mud
Mud, mud, mud, mud
Mr Mud, mud, mud

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