Voice Of Our Age

The voice of our age
Is singing sad sad songs
And I'm doing my best
To keep from adding yet another one

I've heard it said
That the writing's on the wall
But I must need some glasses
Cause the words are out of focus

Pick it all apart
Until there's nothing left but pieces
Makes it easy to forget
Just what it looked like when it was whole

The drink is not a band-aid
For a sad a sore brain
And time is not a doctor
So get out of the rain

Slice the sun across the sky
Your thumb will do the trick
Paint your face with UV rays
Til cancer makes you sick

The words become art
And the meaning fades away
So speak your mind and dig your grave
And then decide to die another day

The villians turn to heroes
And the spiders turn to flies
The cats and dogs all eat themselves
So stop and close our eyes

The days all fade away
And we're rotting in our skins
Pick a fight with time my friend
You're guaranteed to never win

The voice of our age is singing sad sad songs [x17]

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