Life For Love

No man
No man is an island
Way out on the water
All alone to stand

But I am
Tired of the dry land
Ready for a new shore
Ready to expand

You seem
Happy with your daydreams
Happy to just stand there
Rooted to the sand

But all along I know
I had ?
Everybody knows
That you can't live
And give your life for love
Your life for love

Arms stretched
To catch the next horizon
A line to keep your eyes on
And ?

But you close
Your eyes and wish for rainbows
Any way the wind blows
You will find me there

You pull
Your gun around your shoulders
You don't know what I know
When it's only you

But all along I know
I had ?
? to try
And live your life for love
Your life for love
Life for love

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