New Monthly Flavour

Jerry's keeping up with the neighbours
Good for the man on the go
Rabbit's got a new monthly flavour
Helps to keep the dogs on the down-low
Anna's feeling less self-destructive
Feeling less in general too
Her kids have been a lot more productive
Anna's got a lot less to do


Cause they can make you
Break you and better you
Don't ask, don't tell you anything
If it's the same damn song
Why are you listening

Jerry's got a familiar feeling
Heart is pumping and mind is full
Counting all the cracks in the ceiling
Fear is frozen in amber bottles
One a day to kill your resentment
Two a day if you're I'll at ease
While Anna pays to pursue contentment
Her doctor's making new NME's


It's a kind of answer kind and fair
Nice and normal, soft and flawless
If the doctor doesn't care
Who can say the question's even there?

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