Your my Rainbow in the sky
that fluttles by and by
whenever i 'm near younear you lady
and your all i see it seems
your always in my dreams

verse I:

Let me take you by the hand
and talk about it
If somethings on your mindwe can work it out
I want you to knowthat I really care
I wanna hold yout tight
Make sure this time is right

Cause your my rainbow in the sky
that fluttles by and bywhenever i'm near you
near you Lady
And you all i seem to say
I love you More each day
yeah yeah ooh oh ooh oh

Verse II:

Saying I'm sorry
Is not enough
I've treated you roughlady please forgive me
Eventhough, i know you heard me say it All before
But, give me one more chance
To prove my love to you
There's nothing i would'nt do
To make it Up to you

(repeat chrous)
(ad-lib, out)

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