The Hoods

One hundred million strong
The other gangs are wrong
You kill one in the 'Hood;
Family gang have to pay the price
Don't even think of drive by,
Don't even think of walk by
Cops, FBI, CIA, don't fuck with us!
In the 'Hood there is no law,
There is no initiation
It's kill for one, and kill for all
There are no limitations
The rival gangs, the very few,
We keep their skulls as trophies
We gouge their eyes
And rip their scalps,
And on their corpses we shit and pee!

Don't turn your back In our streets!
Just fuckin' beat it The'Hood!
Don't think of packing Certain death!
Just fuckin' beat it Beat it

The president thinks we are the best
And he knows he's right
We clean the streets of scum,
But assholes think we are the ones
Those who start the fights,
Jugular thrusts with our knives
Love to watch them bleed,
Watch them squirm
Until they're white!
We won't maim you for your shoes,
We impale you for cheap booze
We won't bone your sister,
Unless she spreads and starts to ooze
We can't help it if we like our job,
Justice extreme
We; re sometimes called,
People bad; Violence good,
That's all we know we are the 'Hood!!!
Don't turn your back In our streets!
Just fuckin' beat it The 'Hood!
Don't think of packing Certain death!
Just fucking' beat it Beat it

Uzis by our sides,
The targets in our eyes
We squeeze the trigger,
And we start to laugh
Plug the bullets up their ass
Always drop like flies,
Stupid chiks with attitudes,
We make the suck our sacks
Government sponsored gang warfare,
That's the job we do

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