Eyes are open wide, you're dying slowly
Lost in space and time, you're feeling lonely
Shadows moving fast, cluster around you
Whispers in your head, you're left in confusion

It's breaking my heart-to see you walking through the night
It's breaking my heart-to see you fall, no one in sight
It's breaking my heart-you fell, you're giving up the fight
It's breaking my heart-when you can't see what's wrong or right

Walls of shame you see, you're tired and frozen
You ripped yourself apart, you feel like dreaming
You walk on broken glass, there's no reaction
A strange erratic breeze, no introspection


So hard to console


Don't wanna see you fall from grace
Don; t wanna see you fall from an empty space
I've lost the best thing thst I had in life
Lsy your head on my shoulder tonight

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