Freddie Foxxx: Bumpy Bring It Home (Feat MOP) Song Lyrics

Bumpy Bring It Home (Feat MOP)

Ayo, turn the, turn the music up some more
In the headphones for me
Check it out [c'mon!]
You ready, it's Bumpy Knuckles baby
Sendin this out to my niggas
All them hardcore street corner, wilders
Ha, ha, Freddie Foxxx baby
That's right, Diamond D baby
[Verse 1]
Whoever thought that I'd be Mr lyrical flows nice
Like sunsets on the Rio Grande
Grantin after sisters checkin out they can can
My lyrical ability keeps them real niggas
That listen to hip hop feelin me
I keep it underground, sound's a buck China
Even in Japan they know, I'm the ultimate
Spit at me verse, like it's my last one
Slow ones, fast ones, I blast past the fake ass ones
You see, I don't think no nigga's nicer than me
I'm not conceited, that's how I read it, these niggas heated
I dissect your verses like science class frogs
I see your rap records is swine, like hogs
Now cipher, that's like turnin down Janet for Michelle Pfeiffer
See Freddie Foxxx aint wit that
My shit is hotter than cayenne pepper, the mic wrecker
The lethal weapon, I keep you high steppin
It's not my fault that niggas listen to me
And wanna rob shit, cuz I do my motherfuckin job kid
If you a thug then you recognize what you see before you
Eyes and ears said Freddie Foxxx is here
I been waitin it, doin it, sayin it
Rollin by my motherfuckin self with my burner cocked slayin it
And I aint seen nothing that could make me believe
There's a nigga rappin liver than me, you feel me
HOOK 2X: Billy Danze
You in a class of your own, Bumpy's in the zone
Leave Bumpy alone! Bumpy get it on
Bumpy spit chrome, Bumpy hold a throne
Now, Bumpy bring it home!
[Verse 2]
I wear Rolex watches a

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