Freddie Foxxx: Searchin' (Feat Terisa Griffin) Song Lyrics

Searchin' (Feat Terisa Griffin)

[Verse 1]
As a child I felt lonely and helpless
Low cash from a neighborhood wealthless
I'll stick a wino, and rob him for his last penny
Happy days around my way we didn't find many
Momma said that I was outta line talkin smack
Extension cords to this young nigga's black back
A juvenile, thirteen, now I'm locked up
Scared to cry, I don't wanna get fucked up
Fifty push ups a strain on my young chest
I paint the pictures that I pose for a sleeveless
I see my momma only supervised when she cry
She said my baby brother's comin he aint far behind
Somebody tell me how I ended up like this
I wait for God to give me strength, I'ma fight this
I refuse to bend down cuz I'm young and wild
Do or die that's this young nigga's rough style
They'll never find me
Searchin to find me [4X]
My soul will be free before they find me
[Verse 2]
I hit the street full grown, momma's gone now
Had a heart attack I'm living on my own now
My black boots and my state green all I own
And a burning desire for a microphone
I see my little man Tiah bless me wit a burner
Any coincidence I'm feeling like Nat Turner
Twenty stick ups in thirty days they see me comin
Everybody on the block duck and start runnin
A old lady told me baby boy calm down
But like in Vietnam war I got to bomb now
My cash was up a little somethin, somethin, takin shake
I blasted reddie at the weedgate and took his papes
Cuz I done came a long way, in a short time
And I'm willing to die tryin to get mine
Alotta niggas think I'm cool wit 'em, guess what
Them niggas in for a shock cuz I'm fucked up
You'll never find me
[Verse 3]
I got a little

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