Ten Years Time

Do you have a vision?
Do you have a goal?
I'm watching you shrugging your shoulders
telling me you just don't know
Do you get emotional
is there something you're passionate about?
I can tell that you're still searching
still trying to work it all out
It takes time
take your time
You will know
when it feels right

Where you gonna be in ten years time
and will you be happy way you've been living your life?
Will you be alright?
Cos when you're looking back to now on the years gone by
will there be something that you say that you should have done right in your life?

What would you fight for?
For what do you stand?
How would you go about it?
And do you have a master plan?
What are your dreams?
And how much for your soul?
Or have you found religion and gone down that road?
I guess we all need something to believe
Times haven't changed
That's how it's gotta be


Are you a dreamer?
Tell me all your dreams
Can you say honestly
what you want to be?
What would you do
when your back's against the wall?
Could you stand on your two feet?
Would you admit defeat?
These are the times we need to be strong
Don't you know, don't you know, that it's hard
But we learn, we find a way
We gotta find a way to carry on


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