God Lives Underwater: Dress Rehersal For Reproduction Song Lyrics

Dress Rehersal For Reproduction

It's cold outside
But not cold enough
I wish that it was winter
And behind my eyes
The muscles control the movement
To a place surrounding you
To be with you
To be in motion
It's wide outside
But not wide enough
I wish that I was thinner
Suffice to say I should pray
For a colder sun
And a brighter moon
All for you
And be in motion
Everyday's the same
Since I've been alone
Everyday I wait for you
But you're never coming home
And I hope that you're happy
At least one of us
Maybe someday you'll see
I need you
To save me from myself
Everyday I swear that I see you
Everywhere I go
I know my mind plays tricks on me
And that's something that you know

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