Stench of reeking snatch brought
Me to my knees Draw back full
Force fist to pummel rancid cunt
Sunk in to the elbow twisting
Tearing in her stink-hole Filled
With rage I lust to see her Bleed
Blood belching stretched
And torn snatch from
Violent fisting Lust for blood
Through sexual torture Punch her
In the twat suffocating on my sack
Flattened facial features gurgle
Bloody snot with every gasp Knuckle
Kiss extracts her teeth bloodied
Pie-hole gumming cock Dangling
Nerve endings hang from sockets
Tickling my jock Pussy ripped and
Loose oozing foul odored rancid juice
Stinking whore subject for my abuse
Begging for your life your cries are
All in vain Split from asshole to your
Tits my place to cum Milk my shaft
With your vile womb I just removed
Cum coated glazed donut dead
Slut fuck whore Bitch

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