Erotic Dislimbing

I despise everything about you
Arrogant Condescending Fucking
Whore now we're face to face I will
Not be Persuaded only motivated to
Dislimb My cock swells at Thoughts
Of impending amputation There will
Be no Compromising only suffering
Tightening the tourniquet you
Bleed Raise the knife
Carving delight Sawing
Through bone and cartilage one by
One fingers hit the floor Fixation to
Dismember Spattered chunks strewn
About the room Dismantling your
Body All hope has dissipated Now
As the blood runs out
Your mouth Butchering
All I see severing extremities
Quadruple amputee empty shell
To sink my MEAT Suffering pleas
Finding me Unresponsive as you're
Forced to endure sodomy With
Your own limbs to complete My
Mutilation carnival of ecstasy
Methodically rub my cock with
Amputated limbs evokes ejaculation

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