Hunter Green

Last fall I hunted white-tail deer
My dog and gun with me
I wandered to a shady grove
Where ivy grew dark green
Where ivy grew dark green

I raised my gun so carefully
And fired into the trees
Then saw it was my true love fell
In a dress of darkest green
A dress of darkest green

Her eyes reflected back the moon
As I carried her back to my car
But as I crossed the empty road
Was a dead deer in my arms
A dead deer in my arms

Next night I rowed upon the waves
To catch a leaping fish
But on the hook my lover's heart
I pulled from briny depths
I pulled from briny depths

As I lay her cold corpse down
In the bottom of my boat
It was a jumping fish
Caught in my nets and rope
Caught in my nets and rope

Third night I spied a wild boar
Charging madly through the trees
But I raised not my gun to her
Just let her come to me
Just let her run to me

And as I fell in mossy ferns
As her teeth grabbed hold of me
It was the lips of my true love
That kissed me dark and green
Kissed me dark and green

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