Hell Is For Heroes: Models For The Programme Song Lyrics

Models For The Programme

Taste of mercury,
Needles in your eyes,
Creating the need,
Shaping hearts to kill
Searching for the catch,
Settle for some change,
Learning to adapt,
This is,this is a crack down

A look of contempt
Its just a passing wave


Models for the programme,
Sharpening up to suit your part
Talk in flying colours,
Take your orders from above

Make your bid for calm,
Pushing for restraint
Learning to obey,
Down on your knees and pray

A look of contempt,
A flash in the pan,
And you're up for sale,
But it's not your day,
You just bite your tongue
'till it starts to bleed
Nowhere left to run,
From me


I'm not qualifying
Satisfy your basic need
Falling short of targets
Who's agenda is it now?
Is it now? [x3]


I'm not really sure,
How we came to this

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