Aye yo we fight every night
Now that's not kosher
I reminisce with bliss before Eshkoshkah
We was closer later on you was supposed to
be the one that I stayed with
But it seemed that you played tricks
Every day it get worse than the day before
Maybe you're actin too immature
Insecure plus I'm lookin for the cure
Keep flippin like you do I'm lookin at the door

And when you with your friends I slide to the side
Until the spotlight is mine
And always rep God Cipher Divine
When I did the knowledge on my wisdom and came
To an understanding that you underhanded and lame
I should play some stuck up rapper role
And get foul everytime you lose control
But that's not my order of operation
Bustin nuts in ya startin our own population
But now you aint actin the way that you used to
Be so I can't see you in my future
And I don't think that I can take it anymore
Yall know the rest the four four

My friends always tell me I'm lucky to stay
Dipped with the flyest chick from the BK
But all the games you play make a nigga wanna spray
So every night to the most high a nigga pray
That me and my shorty make it to another day
If not fuck it Ruckus it wasn't meant to go that way
But hey I can't front it was good while it lasted
Until her ass did some old stupid hood rat shit
Some left field shit that a nigga can't call
But all in all I had a ball
I guess it's better to have loved and to have lost
Than to never have love at all

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