Grate Unknown

[Background] "I see the horizon the Grate Unknown"


I'm telling you man cut it out
Yowe embarked on this nocturnal excursion in order to exchange
Conversation with these mortals not to play games
For real behind every great Ruck theres a Rock
The Rockness MonstaDutch

[Rockness Monsta]

Yo its the Rockness not Rock live
Then again I'm Rock when I'm live
But I'm not fat then again my shit is so fat
fans let your shot's fly (PLOW! PLOW! PLOW!)
Swift and changeable no style, be Rock style
Not foul, but play with me at your own risk and I might not smile
You get with the pawn, in one arms
I don't fight clean, flow like a butterfly, sting like a scorpion
On the tip of a sick ding-a-ling, bring the noise with your peeps
We up in this space deep, wit' nines like Star-Fleet, ah shit
God bitch ass rappers, and P I'll trap ya, then like a federal case
I'll crack ya word to my man Don Rulla, I'll cold beat your crew up
If it gets thick then number two-a, pass me the ruler
Click ClickBooya!!

[Chorus 2x]
[Rock] If you don't know like I know
Then act like you know, like I know

(Rock: I beat's more ass than mom dukes leather belta)
(Ruck:'Cause Rock make cops throw Glocks Down like Heather)

[Background] "The Grate Unknown"

[Verse Two]
I turn this upside down, clown
Watch me and you'll get the picture, if ya don't understand
Why I be the Mr Flipster, rhyme deliverer
Nine slug through your spine, and leave you on the floor vibratin'
Like a fouled line
Find the robbies, lurking in the dark ally
With more nigga, than a motherfuckin' guard rally
Tally up all the throats, the strangler hold choke
That all

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