The Trapped Edge

Verse 1:
Trapped in Hell, I heard her say
I couldn't stop what was happening
Don't go there, the trapped edge
Waiting & coated with blood all over myself

Verse 2:
I don't know what you're talkin' about
That when you die, your soul's cut out
No trace of fury, we walk in pain
This world full of treason, shot of change

Chorus 1:
I can't look down to the trapped edge
I couldn't save her, but I think I knew she jumped
Don't look down to the trapped edge
She did it once, she could do it again

Verse 3:
This can't be a secret to me
She lost touch with reality
Could you hear the shotgun below?
I didn't help her, I just let her go

Verse 4:
This ain't no fucking game
Her body was left in chains
I couldn't do anything
No, I couldn't do anything
To stop this from happening

Chorus 1

Verse 5:
The pain inside, broken her
Ruling over since her birth
Under water, but breathing still
Anchored to the bottom, break her will
Still upside her, the trapped edge

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
I will go the trapped edge
Inside Hell, under the trench
Into a cell, & off the ledge
Still locked inside the trapped edge

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