Beckoning Of The Xul

[Segment II - In the midst of the Azonei's Dominion]

Misery falls Miscellaneous calls
Echoes of the marvelous Zones
This enmeshing den forfeits the thriving mist
As a vector that would beckon my wishes
Xul Xul Xul Xul
Entrance revealed
by dreadful Golems!
Harmonize protection
Colossus Daemons! The Dormant must
Xul! The gain, I enter
Obtain the passage summoned most
I walk the ethereal Vortex,
Beyond renascence has evoked
A transmundane phase
On the enormous Spectrum of polarity
Anew, strengthen!
Integrated by the Signature

Feel those Phenomenons

Unleashed Beasts of Foul Irra

Perish Magick of Demon Mystik
Aether Beings of Eclipsed Ark
Devilish House of Majestic Ishum
Centuries on Revalation
Man pronunced And then
The Bottoms emblazed Fire
And reigns in it The Flames
Well ignited as, shadowed
Always shunned the Signs as followed
United with absolute malignity
Combines this Evil Evil Evils
The Battlefield of the Great's principles
The Rule of the Daemon's laws
The Battlefield of the Great's principles
The Rule of the Daemon's laws
Archaic Emblem pertaining, to the Prism of
Hovering the City's Threshold!
Chaotic Sentinel The Myrmidon
In the midst of the Azonei's Dominion
Xul Xul Xul Xul
Nerxastul Millenxi

Standing afloat the Forges
In deluge, I stream
My Sacrament, I yell
Inferno was bestowed
The Beasts heard me sing
Forward, they stun
Escape, I num
Across tunnels, I flee
In between, I glide
Emerged from outside Skies
Eve returned Translucence in
Shallowed Firmament
To Hell, I cleave
Retorted obedience
I Nerxastul

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