i woke up early on a monday
and it suited me fine
now that the leaves had started turning
and its cold outside
cause the sun surely shines
the autumn outta come
you used to say you like and
well i still like it

i never got your message
i didn't think that you cared anymore
now that you're out in los angeles
youve kinda closed that door
but soon ill need some warm air
im coming out in novermber
will you be there? Will you be there?

this fall

Tell me, could the reddest tree
Definitely give me something to figure out
or is that impossible now

i wore my red fuzzy sweater
through the frosty grass today
and it made me feel so safe and warm
like cherry marmalade
: and it looks like i might
plant myself where i am and just travel light
: It looks like I might

fall, fall, fall fall, fall, fall, fall

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