Soul Shaker

(Lyrics: Stephen Shareaux
Music: Rob Grad, Mike Marquis, Stephen Shareaux)
Out on my own just tryin' to stake my claim
Walkin' the wild side Mr Soul Shaker is the name
I was the first to come, I'll be the last to go, come on
Nobody tells me how to rock n' roll now, no
Soul shaker, summons you to move your body
Groove maker, shake
Soul shaker, everybody come and shake your soul
What is this liquid you pour over me
I feel I'm bathing in the sea of harmony
So many times I feel I've floated here before
Ain't gonna stop until my soul cries out for more
When I was only eighteen years of age
Some friends of mine we went and crashed that concert stage
We started shakin' like we've never shook before, come on
We're gonna shake until we all drop to the floor
Shake your soul

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