God He Knows

How di hell one man so sweet (God he knows)
Knock mi right from off mi feet (outta mi clothes)
gwaan act like him know fi dig (good water hose)
mi woulda do anything fi him unleash mi coach

Verse 1:
Dis ah man mussi come from mars
Mi neva see nuttin look so good from far
Woulda drive mi 4-runner an crash inna him car
If he have insurance just fi get a part
Dis ah man justa turn on di heat
Mek mi wet up mi clothes an weak inna mi knees
Mi want him now that's di way I feel
Flingy gimme all, no bargin, no deal


Verse 2:
Bwoy ah look like a worker, look like a slappa
Oh my God dis ah bwoy him ah dappa
If him give mi di chance an him ride mi proper,
Mi put him inna mi will an just ease out mi mudda
Oh my God, bless eyesight,
One man caan look so right
All wey ah gwan mi haffi bruise him tonight,
If mi no get it free di wuk mi gwine buy


Verse 3:
Look here now, mi body fulla cold bump
If it cost mi, mi life mi must get some
Like a big sound system, mi art it ah come
But di first mon mi feel mi woulda run down
If you're not busy to ride dis Phillie
Please introduce mi to ole marse Charlie
Right here now mi big bad an ready
Dis yah girl here heavy so bringy come gimme


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