Weh Dem Man Deh

Intro: 1, 2, 3 hmm

Chorus: If yuh no weh yuh man deh from Sunday to Sunday gal walk up inna di
Video gal and just talk up

Verse 1: It's six on the dot and mi no fi ah fact seh me man inna mi house wid di door dem lock anytime him go out mi naffi keep watch mi no weh him deh and him haffi come back, but some gal nuh no weh dem man five o clock ah mornin' seh him gone ah bembe Bembe ova Thursday dem tink ah Wednesday seh dem ah hot gal ah no hot gal dem deh Dem have king size and no man buy dem size something must be very, very wrong wid di ride it's a shame, shame, shame how hard dem ah try hold on to di man and haffi swallow dem prideWalk out and call yuh man name mi deh yah ah look fi splash way up inna di lane after early monday firelinks pon di main, Gal ah run back ah man when di man cah tame

Chorus: If yuh no weh yuh man deh from Sunnday to Sunday gal walk up inna di video gal and just talk up inna di video If yuh no weh yuh man gone him no inna no dance wid dutty dawn just walk up inna di video gal and just talk up ehh!

Verse 2: Guess wah gal man fly in and she neva did no seh him down ah passa passa wid chiney gal Mo wen buck up inna him she haffi move wid di flow if she chat too hard she haffi sleep outta door weh u and yuh man have dat ah proper, proper ting yuh no weh hm deh so yuh can swear fi him sh no dutty gal and him nah have no fling if him no out wid him fren mi deh right beside him
(Repeat chorus)

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