In paradise
I got a feeling that something is wrong
That look is telling me your not happy
We never listen to our favorite songs
Do you remember, the way you held me
Now i won't let you hurt this love away
There was a time when you held me tight
Think about the dreams of yesterday
Forget the heartache that you feel inside
You are the sun I am the sky
Together we'll live in paradise
Our hopes and dreams will dine our life
In paradise
So many times I look into your eyes
I see an image, a man whos crying
You try to tell me but i realize
Its hard to make it
We'll keep on trying
Open up your heart lets get away
Just take my hand it will be all right
Leave it all behind no matter where
We'll find the answer deep into the night
Repeat Chorus 2x
Of you and me
Falling in love
Tell me how
We'll always be
In Paradise
Repeat Chorus 3x

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