Yeahhhh, baby


-beat starts-


Hey young world
It's young natasha
With her big bro, young weezy right beside 'er
And you now I got 'er
Like I got 'er
Gunz it's yo turn, and you are the driver
And whateva' ya lost
All you do is follow
The roadsigns lead you to a gold mind

How do I know?
It cause I just moved
Gotta new crib on Goldmind Avenue
So that's why I got this rich boy attitude
You probly see me in the Caddy, with some D's
On that bitch
Riding down Goldmind Avenue
In the lane like l'm goin' get a Allie Oupe
Oops, that was a coupe
Pass yo' ass like lightning's flash
Cut the light down now and turn me to a darkchild
My thoughts fall, my eyelids are scattered
And we are Young Money, but age doesn't matter

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