One Foot on the Floor

Straight from the grindstone,
He steps up to the bar
Where the burdens spawned
At work and home,
Will slip away so far
The happy hour solution
Sets the mind at ease
One hand tips the bottle -
The other holds the keys
And he has one more for the road
One more for the road
New York's Finest flashing,
Have saved us twice before
But a clever lawyer's closing,
Brings him back for more
He jokes about the system,
And how he cut the deal
But the deck is stacked against us
As he climbs behind the wheel
He has one foot on the floor,
One in the grave
One foot on the floor, one in the grave
Drink has dulled the senses'
Reactionary need
Blood shot eyes burn heavy,
As the driver picks up speed
MIrage - familiar driveway,
Mistaken for his own
Will the excuse of a liquid backbone,
Let him live with what he's done
And it's one foot on the floor
One in the grave
And the kids in the yard
Where the kids are meant to play,
Nowhere to run when the car
Came through the gate
One foot on the floor,
One in the grave

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