Phantom Of The Opera: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again Song Lyrics

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

(A mausoleum with hanging moss In the centre a
pyramid of skulls in front of a cross)
You were once
my one companion
you were all
that mattered
You were once
a friend and father -
then my world
was shattered
Wishing you were
somehow here again
wishing you were
somehow near
Sometimes it seemed
if I just dreamed,
somehow you would
be here
Wishing I could
hear your voice again
knowing that I
never would
Dreaming of you
won't help me to do
all that you dreamed
I could
Passing bells
and sculpted angels,
cold and monumental,
seem, for you,
the wrong companions -
you were warm and gentle
Too many years
fighting back tears
Why can't the past
just die ?
Wishing you were
somehow here again
knowing we must
say goodbye
Try to forgive
teach me to live
give me the strength
to try
No more memories,
no more silent tears
No more gazing across
the wasted years
Help me say
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E.T.     2011-11-07 04:11    
there is no phantom part in this song. its only Christine's song.
JoJo     2011-08-26 11:03    
You forgot the phantoms part