Let's Ride

Brand new truck, butter soft seat
Four point somethin with a low ride somethin
Aint nothin better than to ride out the hood with it
Who lookin better and damn you lookin good in it
Take a chance with a nigga in a choice ride
Listen to the cds I play inside
Mos def, jay, prince, and stevie
Marvin gaye, led zeppelin, and biggie
And when the evening is over love
Gonna find a nice spot for the rover love
Do things to make the man in the moon blush
My mind race but I tell my waist don't rush
Yous a upper echelon piece
So when you find ? ? ? ? then you don't freak
You wanna nibble on a nigga ear
And do all the things that make a nigga wanna get near
Oh Im a queens representative
Get wild by any means my incentive is
When we done, I start it up again
And ride round with you cuz you my special friend, uh


Ooh, me and you I think we should riiiide
Come on come on come on come on
Don't worry just done get insiiide
Come on come on come on come on

The second cut, her ride is like art
We get creative in it when we take it out and spin it
The backseat is the canvas we paintin on
Abstract the word we creatin on
The tvs in the back and the dash too
Got miss napkins and bamboo
Don't worry, the tips past the legal one
Outkasts bangin loud in my eardrum
The way the wheels spin cuttin through the still wind
Outsiders lookin in with the I'll grin
Fuel injected brand new inspected
Emissions got tested details perfected
Got the armor all touch empty out the dutch
No tobacco spillin on my rug clutch
Kick off your shoes show off your peticure
Shake off the blues we all forgettin more
Boy that thing
Stuff that brings ecstasy maybe you blink
A little harder than your average ? ? ? ? ?
Lady tell me this is better than taking a ca
And when you back tell all your girls
You rode around hot-wheelin drinkin ? ? ? ? ?
Vacationin, v up my v8
Just one night we drive and we escape

Chorus x2

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