Life Is Better

Norah Jones:]
Life's filled with gray
But now, it cars come in
Leaves fall, away
Hip-hop is playing again
And it's bangin too
Go on, bang it, for you
Don't stop this feeling I feel
I just wanna lay around all day
And feel the breeze, whatever that means
I'm so into your rich history
Tell me a story to take me away
Come and take me, ooooooh
Come and take me with you

[Chorus x4: Norah Jones]

Life is, better
Now that, now that I found you
Life is, better
Now that, now that I found you


Uh, uh, one step at a time, a man walked on the moon
One record got played, Kool Herc said boom
One minute young man, your time come soon
We waitin, it was prophsised you loon
We bang our drums, enter message through sound
We wrasslers and we takin over your town
Hands sweatin, it's critiquing all this vibe I'm gettin
Playlist setting: Cold Crush, Furious Five, and the Masterdon
Cosmic Force, Bammbaataa, Jazzy 5
Lovebug Starski, Junebug, Busy Bee
Run, D, Jay, LL, Kane, Biz Markie
Doug E, Will, Barry B, Spoonie, Schooly D
Rakim, BDP, Dana Dane, Ricky D
Leaders of the New School, Snoop Dogg, Monie Love
BIG and Pac are up above, Eazy-E and Bone Thugz
Fat and Skinny Boys, Cash Money and the rapper Nas
Large Professor, Lauryn, Wyclef, and Pras
Brand Nubian, Diamond D, Ludacris, and Jay
RIP Pimp C, Common, Lil Wayne, and 'Ye
Primo, OutKast, where my nigga Dilla at?
SV - uh uh, where my nigga Dilla at
And when you look into my eyes, it makes all these feelings rise
Makes my space a better place, can't you see it in my face?

[Chorus repeat 'til fade and Q-Tip sings his own version of the chorus]

Life is better, since I found you

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