Soul On Soul

No one ever told me
No one ever said
No one ever loved me
Til I was going out of my head

No one ever listened
To the things I tried to share
You gave me everything i needed
It's your way

You gave me hope
You give me love
You give me faith to carry on

Good God have mercy on me
Don't you desert me baby
I want to be together soul on soul this time
Believe me baby don't every leave me baby
I want to be together soul on soul this time

No one ever held me
As good as this before
No one ever stopped me
When I was running out of the door

You set me free
You made me shine
You gave me cause to make you mine


Love made me so good child
Don't say don't say another word
Love feels so right girl
I don't lose my way when you're here by me


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