Golden Loom

Smoky autumn night,
Stars up in the sky,
I see the sailin' boats
Across the bay go by
Eucalyptus trees hang above the street
And then I turn my head,
For you're approachin' me
Moonlight on the water,
Fisherman's daughter,
Floatin' in to my room
With a golden loom

First we wash our feet
Near the immortal shrine
And then our shadows meet
And then we drink the wine
I see the hungry clouds up above your face
And then the tears roll down,
What a bitter taste
And then you drift away
On a summer's day where
The wildflowers bloom
With your golden loom

I walk across the bridge
In the dismal light
Where all the cars are stripped
Between the gates of night
I see the trembling lion
With the lotus flower tail
And then I kiss your lips
As I lift your veil
But you're gone and then
All I seem to recall
Is the smell of perfume
And your golden loom

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