That Ain't Where It's At

If you have a look around you
Can you see a smiling face?
All the people that surround you
No one's laughing anyplace

Everybody's runnin scared
Of the things they haven't dared
Those who try get stoned
And those who don't get fat
Well that ain't where it's at

It's a brighter world outside you
And it's time you realized
There ain't nothin gonna hide you
Ain't no use in your disguise

Your mind is where it builds
All the things you really feel
Gving up the game will knock you flat
But that ain't where it's at

No no
Baby get straight
While you got the time
Things that you hate
They ain't worth a dime

Don't you know that bein happy ain't no crime

Hear the sound of singin'
Won't you open up your ears
All the fire alarms are ringin
Cause we're burnin up with fears

If you really wana live
It's yourself you must forgive
Don't depend on someone else
To fit your hat
Cause that ain't where it's at

No no
I said that ain't where it's at
And you know
And it's the truth
That ain't where it's at

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