Hitler Has Only Got One Ball

Hitler (Has only got one ball)
Tune: Colonel Bogey March (River Kwai Theme)
Hitler, he only had one ball,
Goering, he had two but very small,
Himmler had something simmler,
But poor old Goebbels had no balls at all
Whistle Chorus:
Frankfurt has only one beer hall,
Stuttgart, die M?nchen all on call,
Munich, vee lift our tunich,
To show vee 'Cherman' have no balls at all
Whistle Chorus:
Hans Otto is very short, not tall,
And blotto, for drinking Singhai and Skol
A 'Cherman', unlike Bruce Erwin,
Because Hans Otto has no balls at all
Whistle Chorus:
Hitler has only got one ball,
The other is in the Albert Hall
His mother, the dirty bugger,
Cut it off when he was small
Whistle Chorus:

Note: Popular in England ca 1939-1940
filename[ HITLERBA
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Punklord     2012-09-24 01:06    
Best anti-hitler song ive made a punk rock version
kiwi     2012-09-09 04:59    
@Justin Bieber: so you think that the things Hitler and his comrades did during WWII were acceptable?
danni     2012-06-13 02:12    
erm this was during ww2 when those men in the song were killing innocent people women children everyone who did not agree with them and if it wasn't for the service men you would not be here so i find this song great it shows are men had great courage to stand up what was right so i think you want to get some respect even though it may be crude it is hardly disrespectful when it is taking the piss out of mass murders honestly did you learn nothing in school
Neoni     2012-04-08 12:56    
This was during ww2, right?
Justin Bieber     2012-01-19 08:24    
This is such a crude song, I do not think its acceptable. How disrespectful? -Justin Bieber.
BenJay     2011-09-29 05:06    
Hitler! Has only GOT ONE BAALL!!
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