225 Rounds

[Verse 1]

I live life lavish and my chain is karats
The last name on the train to Paris
Used to be lame, then attained the merit
So many hoes can't name the ?
Dynamics: I want the fame
And my name engraved in granite
Forget the lame that came to grab it
You moving sideways, change your habits!
Used to rock minks, then I changed to rabbit
From other ?
Used to be righteous, but changed to savage
Bang my record like Bangkok, dangerous
36 Chamber fist, trianglist
Watch me mangle this Star Spanglist
Rock cowboy Wranglers, creating mega-hits
I'm from the grain, came by my fingertips

Yeah! Killa Hill lay it down!
Killa Bees on the swarm!

[Verse 2]

Ayyo I fly down ?
Fuck it, it seems like the drama never ends
Being in the projects, like I never left
? see a nigga stretched out
I can't take it, seems like the hood is cursed
Bad niggas, I thought that the good was first
My old whore, she wants ?
She don't learn shit, a childish brain
I'm out here, fuck it like I live on ?
RICO: keep a low cut like Margie
I don't give a fuck, y'all made me bitter
I'mma let your kids out like a babysitter
I'mma grown man, but I'm young in the mind state
Live in every burrough - New York is my tri-state
Test me: you know I brought a bitch on the tour bus
Pour piss on you, leave you stuck for 4 months
My head fucked up, I walk like ? street
Don't make me pick the 9 up, I come from mean seeds
My ? snitched on me, ratted me out
They all ganged up on me tried to take my mouth

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