Luv Me

(Obie Trice)

You don't see me in the hood
It's cause I'm doin thisman

Verse 1
(Obie Trice)
Nigga's I'm still grindin (yeah)
I'mstill hearin those sirens
I'm still gettin chased by those lights
Only thelight's mine and my mic's on
And my time is none because I'm writinmore
And I ain't here to meet a soul in this business
I'm here to eat,speak untill these hoes feel this {fo sho
and I can't let yall de-rail meman
I got young coby, homie, you gotta let go of Obie
cause Obie be back(ain't goin no where man) we got them cracks goin on
and that yak goingon
soon as a nigga touch down back from tourin,
It's whateva put that onthe chedda man
but in the meantime
its Jimmy ivene time (fo sho)
chasecheese, rhyme till my voice give out,(fo sho)
this is it my nigga this whatwe boast about
Now I'm here so shut your motherfuckin mouth
And say welove bitch

{Obie Trice
I just wanna love you,
for therest of my life, {I dont love you bitch
I wanna hold you in the mornin{Ha
Hold you thru the night {Hahaha

I just wanna love you,
forthe rest of my life {We wanna love alcohol, we wanna love guns
I wanna holdyou in the mornin, {we wanna love money
Hold you thru the night {Ha, wedont wanna love bitches though

Verse 2
There's a certainmistique when I speak,
that you notice that it's sorta unique,
cause youknow it's me, my poetry's deep,
and i'm still matic the way I flow to thisbeat,
you cant sit still
its like tryin to smoke crack and go tosleep
i'm strap, just knowin any minute I could snap
i'm the equivalent ofwhat would happen if Bush rapped
I bully these rappers so badlyrically,
it aint even funny, I aint even hungry,
it aint even money, youcant pay me enough
for you to play me
it's cock-amamie, you just aintzanie enough to rock with Shady,
my noodle is cock-adoodle, my clockskoo-koo,
I got screws loose, yeahhh, the whole kitten-kaboodel
im justbrutal, its no rumor, i'm numiro uno
assume it,
there's no humor in it, nomore you know
i'm rollin with a bowlin ball in my bag,
you need a fag tocome and tear a new hole in my ass
(Em Saying)
you better love me,bitch

I just wanna love you for the rest of my life,
Iwanna hold you in the morning,
Hold you in the night

(and all the bitches say)

I just wanna love you for the rest ofmy life,
I wanna hold you in the morning,
Hold you in thenight

Verse 3
(50 Cent) {Obie Trice
my buzz is crazy in thehood, they holla my name,
if it aint about the flow,
its about the stonesand the chain,
if I was you, i'd love me too,
I roll like a boss, 9-11 posame colour as cranberry sauce,
I aint gonna front, I was R-Kelly dashit
let me find out he fuckin round with bow wow bitch
nigga's eatinpopcorn, right, rewinding the tape
now shorty momma in the precent hollar'in"RAPE!"
i'm convinced man something really wrong with these hoe's,
Ithought lil' Kim was hot til she started fuckin wit her nose {God Damn
useta listen to Lauren Hill and tap my feet, (Obie Trice)
then the bitch put outa CD that did'nt have no beat, (uh-ha)
that poor De-angelo he determined notto fail,
that nigga went butt-ass for his record to sell,
my back shots tohelp Ashanti hit them high notes,
and Big Ben taught Charlie abit more thendeep throat

CHORUS {Obie Trice
I just wanna love you,
for therest of my life
I wanna hold you in the mornin {I luv'a burnish the monies,the bunnies
Hhold you in the night {I just wanna hold you
I just wannalove you for the rest of my life,
I wanna hold you in tha mornin, (I justwanna luv ya)
Hold you thru the night

(50 Cent)

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