A Step Too Far

It's so strange he doesn't show me
More affection than he needs
Almost formal, too respectful
Never takes romantic leads
There are times when I imagine
I'm not always on his mind
He's not thinking what I'm thinking
Always half a step behind
Always half a step behind

I'm in every kind of trouble
Can't you tell, just look at me
Half ecstatic, half dejected
All in all I'm all at sea
Easy turns I thought I wanted
Fill me now with chilling dread
You can never know the chaos
Of a life turned on it's head
Of a life turned on it's head

I am certain that I love him
But a love can be misplaced
Have I compromised my people
In my passion and my haste
I could be his life companion
Anywhere but where we are
Am I leader, am I traitor
Did I take a step too far
Did I take a step too far?

(All three then sing their part together)
Did I take a step too far?

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