Cold Blooded

I am the one that has chosen to lead, the power that grows within me
a force that has come to inherit the earth, my calling
a time and a place for sadistic intent, I know for when you will bleed
saving your life is beyond your control, wait for my eternal greed

shortage of time, you are next, prepare to die
power grows in me, look to my supremacy
force fed in line, death-row, prepare to die
cold-blooded murderer, strengthened by the massacre

destroying the lives of the ones I forsake, scour the earth as I take
searching to quench thirst of my soul, it hungers
cauldrons of blood filling up to the rim, enemies die by my hand
feeding is done, nothing left but bones, left to rot and turn to sand

building up the walls of the kingdom
building up the walls of the king

stronger I grow as I suck out your life, pleading as I watch you kneel
abduction of strength, I am now I'm command, I rule
cities of flesh lay in my path, watch as the innocent die
my nation is built from the souls of the dead, born of like to terrify

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