Into the Timewastes

Dive into the timewastes
At the speed of light
Robot mercenaries
Elite for hire
Galactic warriors
Ancient as space
Serving and protecting
A weak organic race

Universal empires
Face the ultimate threat
Disturbance in order
Time meets death
Sensors activating
Defensive shields
Encountering chaos
Disorientating fields

Confusing past and future
The disappearing now
Lost in unknown dimensions
And returned somehow

Horizons of the present
Blinding as stellar core
A lonesome ship approaching
Unleash the soundless war

Hives of brooding plasma
Technology beyond
Cohorts of sentinels
Proton symbionts
Silent screaming engines
Systems overload
Switching heavy weapons
Onto genocide mode

Ultra-drastic measures
Melting titanium
Multiple holocaust
With nuke ammunition
Re-program protectors
Amongst starving drones
Objective stabilized
In the timewastes zone

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